The most powerful B2B trip planning AI

Visitmoov’s automates the creation of personalized trips, including transportations.

Our simple APIs lets you create the perfect trip for your customers based on your favorite data sources.

You tried ChatGPT? Fun right?
Great for chatbots and content creation, we love it too.
Tried to generate a trip, including transportation, departure time and location?
Yeah we know, this is where it gets messy, and….
this is where you need Visitmoov.

Travel service providers

Easy to use APIs to fill the gaps in your customer experience.

Visitmoov’s AI combines in real time tourism activities and transportation data to generate turn by turn, door to door expriences. By adding custom constraints (location, departure time, available time, user preferences) you can generate automatically seamless personalized experiences for your customers. Trips can be planned ahead and updated in real time once at destination.

  • NIncrease user engagement and retention
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Generate more revenues
  • Simple APIs and great support

Activity Smart Catalogue

Aggregate, modify, publish POIs from multiple sources or import your own database from csv or JSON.

Multimodal itinerary planner

Select mobility options you want to provide, including multimodal and public transportation.

360° Tour planner

End to end tour including points of interest and mobility. You can use Visitmoov’s POIs or your own.


A white label, simple to use, webapp travel experience generator.

A simple interface to generate fun and engaging webapp experiences to discover your destination. Promote a sustainable tourism that matchs your developement vision and brings full satisfaction to visitors at the same time. Provide high quality recommendations in a context of labor shortage.

  • NSimple ! No coding skills required.
  • fFull control on the interface
  • Focus on accessibility and low carbon footprint
  • jSimple and fast but limitless themes
  • Statistics to better understand user's behaviour


Visitmoov gives you full control on experience personalization.


Promote soft mobility and public transportation


Create experiences accessible to everyone


Take into account frequentation and carbon footprint



Each trip is different, based on user’s location, time, weather, mobility preferences…

Real Time

Plans have changed? Trip is updated to accompany your visitor at his own pace.


Interface and content is automaticaly translated in user’s phone language.

Data sources

Aggregate, modify, publish POIs from multiple sources or provide your own.


We back you at every step. Our team has created the algos so we know what we are talking about.


What are the most popular places, how long do users stay, how did they get here? Yep that’s here.


Control the power of AI to generate personalized travel experiences

Visitmoov’s AI is different than traditionnal generative AI such as ChatGPT. Its job is to combine multiple data sources such as tourism activities and transportations, add constraints (time, location, reduced mobility, weather…) and provide from millions of combinations the perfect one in a few milliseconds.

Where is the data coming from?

Visitmoov doesn’t create content. We provide a content management platform that is populated from your data (csv, Json…) or can be imported from Google or TripAdvisor for example if you have API keys or we can do it for you for an extra cost.
For transportations, depending locations we use our own itinerary calculator (it is our core expertise) or use a third party one based on your needs.

Feels like I can do the same with Google APIs, no?

We all kow that Google can do anything right? Well not really. What happens if you want to use your own POIs and add custom constraints such a weather for example? And now imagine you have 50 POIs and want to find the optimal itinerary for a user who has 5 hours and wants to use public transportations. You could sort of try to do something but why make it complicated when you can just ask Visitmoov with one query to do that. Instead of paying for 50 API calls and still have to process the result, it counts for 1 at Visitmoov. Save time, money and get better results.

What is your coverage?

We are not as big as Google so we open some countries on our own and then open new locations based on our clients needs. Our tech has no boundaries but our servers do. By the way this is a good thing as it means that you don’t have to pay for the whole world when all you want is to have your destinations.

What makes you different from other Trip Planning AIs?

A lot is going on right now and being in the game of trip planning AI for quite a while it is amazing how fast things are going. Some companies show an amazing level of expertise and it is definitly going the change the way we travel.
Our main difference is that we don’t use generative AI. It is not because we don’t like it, it is just because it is not suitable for trip planning. Trip planning is not just about giving you the top 5 places to visit in Aix en Provence. It is about, my train arrives at 9h45, which bus should I take. What places will be opened that day and which one should I start from to optimize my day. And by the way, I will just stay here 20 more minutes to have a tea, how is it going to impact the rest of my day. This is what we mean by trip planning

What do you mean by real time?

A trip is a 3 phase story : you plan before, you do the trip, and then back home you look at the pictures you took. Planning ahead is like the simple part as you have some time and tons of websites to visit.
The real deal starts once you reach your destination, as often things don’t go according to plan.
Kids wake up late, it is raining or there are strikes in transportations if you go to France.
Visitmoov real time update has 2 sides :
– side 1 : the user changes the plan ,well our AI will recalculates the optimal trip taking into account the new constraints : different location, only 2 hours instead of 4, they want to rent bikes instead of walking. We can fix that easy and help you offer your users an optimal trip.
– side 2 : things have changed, not because of your user but because of local conditions : weather, affluence, subway has a problem…  In this case it is more complicated as the main issue is to get these information. For some, such as the weather we have worldwide APIs so we can handle it. For public transportation it is more complicated. Our tech handles real time info but the problem is having access to it. We cover at the moment parts of France (Paris area) and more to come as Real Time transportation info gets available.