Create and deliver personalized visitor experiences with a simple QR code

Visitmoov is a unique and fun tourist guide, integrating touristic attractions and full itinerary calculations, accessible by simply reading a QR Code.

Create a tour


Real time personalization

Touristic flow management



Experience creators

The evolution of tourist behavior and expectations is a source of opportunities for all destinations and operators related to tourism: the experience before the destination, a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism …
Visitmoov is a simple and powerful solution for creating customized tourism experiences that meet these new expectations.


Create a tour in minutes

Offer a unique discovery experience to your visitors in 4 steps:
1. Create / select a theme
2. Add the corresponding places of interest with their characteristics
3. Select the modes of transport you wish to highlight
4. A QR Code is generated and you just have to distribute it to give access to your discovery route.

We assist you every step of the way, our goal is simplicity.



Apidae & DataTourisme

Create tailored experiences for all your visitors.


A personalized tour updated in real time

Depending on the time and place where your visitor scans the QR code, Visitmoov calculates among millions of combinations a customized route in a few milliseconds taking into account: travel time, opening hours, disruptions, crowds …
Lunch break or transport disruptions? Visitmoov updates the tour in real time and adapts to the conditions of the visit.

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Real Time


Encourage the use of public transport and soft mobility


Optimize flow management

In addition to the opening and closing hours, Visitmoov gives you the possibility to adjust the visibility of a place according to the periods of affluence. Depending on the date or time, an alternative will be proposed to direct visitors to less crowded places. This recommendation is accompanied by the means of transport to get there, depending on the time and place where the person is, offering a real solution.

10:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturated destination
Alternative accessible in 15 min by bus
Next departure in 12 min, stop at 100m

Manual or auto.

Real time

Virtual beacons

Offer new experiences while limiting overcrowding


Supervise activity with the dashboard

The dashboard allows you to manage the places of interest, to manage your routes and to know the statistics: the themes, the duration, the means of transport. 

POI management

Tour creation